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We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

The Emphasis
In the training courses the foremost objective is the intellectual equipping of the trainees for the tasks ahead. The topics prescribed in the three major academic areas (safety, operating & commercial) of the syllabus, would be transacted in interdisciplinary manner with a strong emphasis and focus on practical examples and experiences. We sincerely believe that the training should boost and nurture qualities of the trainees and the course design has been structured to meet this objective.

Academic Course Inputs (four major areas plus subsidiary areas)
Academic course inputs would be provided in transportation, commercial Concepts and mechanical with a view to sensitizing future railway staff to the rules and regulations, which form the basis of Railway functions.

Co-Curricular Inputs
Information Technology is rapidly revolutionizing the world. Hands o experience on computer would be a major input and Trainees would be exposed to the latest in computer technology applications. We shall try to ensure that during the course even the Trainees with no prior exposure in this area develop adequate skills to handle computers with familiarity and ease. For this purpose the trainees will be given individual systems in the class room for computer based learning, and computers have been provided in Computer Lab - 'Cybrary' having WiFi-LAN facility along with internet.

The Great Outdoors
There will be a lot of outdoor activities as course inputs. The day will begin with physical training (PT &YOGA) and jogging in the morning. There will be team games & sports scheduled in the time-table in the evening. Two recreation rooms have been made functional in the gangotri officer hostel having facility of pool table, TT table & TV. Etc. The Trainees will also participate in a cricket Match with the other trainees during their Training at ZRTI Chandausi.

Cultural Activities
There will be a number of cultural activities during the course. Besides, the Trainees put up a cultural program themselves, where they get a chance to showcase their talents. The cultural activities in general will also help in appreciation of the richness and diversity of Indian Culture.

Innovations in Administration & Governance
-The shape of things to come.
-As railway Employee we must lead from the front.
-Must act as the vanguard of the various innovations in Railway administration.